Decoding Climate Impact to Future Proof Your Bottom Line

What is Climate Impact?

Climate Risk
Climate Impact
Climate Risk
Climate Impact

Climate impact is the translation of climate risk into real-world expected outcomes, i.e. the physical and financial costs of that risk. For America’s homes and housing markets this means how climate volatility will affect the cost of owning and operating each home, the long-term value of each home, what types of resiliency improvements each home may need, as well as the future health and attractiveness of each housing market.

Meet Quoll

Quoll® is a data analytics company that models the impact of climate volatility on individual homes, portfolios of homes, and entire markets. Our proprietary modeling leverages climate science, home, economic, market, and pricing data, and more in a unified, interconnected, and never before seen way.


Intelligence on every single-family home and community in America, at your fingertips.

Property Impact Intelligence

What climate risks to focus on, which parts of that home are threatened, the financial impact of the risks, and recommended resilience strategies.

Area Impact Intelligence

Zip code and county assessments on the impact of climate risk on the local housing market and economic health of the area.

Using Quoll Is Easy

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Understand the Projected Climate Impact 

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Make Future-Proof Decisions

Turn Climate Volatility into Opportunity

Businesses need more than just a prediction of looming weather. Understanding how climate volatility drives real-world outcomes for individual homes and the communities around them enables companies to make forward thinking decisions today to ensure future success. 

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